When did we separate ourselves from the earth we walk upon? When did nature disappear from our lives? When did we stop looking after ourselves? When did we forget how to grow and make our own food? When did we forget how to work with our own hands? When did we forget how to make real food? When did we forget how to look after our own health? When did we lose our sense of family, of community, of working together to build something better?

Life has changed, and we need to change with it

It's time to relearn the forgotten lessons, to revive the old knowledge that has been lost in time.




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change doesn't have to be painful

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Those of us who are paying attention to global and local events that are taking place, are well aware that our reality has radically changed, especially in the past few years. We have to be prepared to deal with these changes. We need to re-learn lost wisdom, and share our knowledge. It's time to take responsiblity for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

The world has gone insane... are you prepared for everything that is being thrown at us?

Being prepared

everything you need in your first aid kit, plus how to use what's in your kitchen to heal you.

First aid & natural health

REAL Climate change, Solar physics & Geomagnetics, and it's effects on all of us on this planet

World Upheaval

Moving forward and building strong communities, and bringing communities together

Building Community

The Meeting of Minds

May 2nd 2022
Birmingham UK

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