Hi, I’m Dani McKenny, and I love to talk...about everything!

It’s been a long long road, and one hell of a journey.

Hello, my name is Dani, and I am a research-a-holic…. and a prepper (but don’t hold it against me!)

I am a Canadian who’s wandered the world with my family, lived in 7 countries on 5 continents, and now we’re here in the West Midlands of England.

I regularly take groups of people out to learn basic foraging skills, and would be happy to come meet your group or community to teach you all about the amazing healing plants that are growing all around you. I love working with communities and with alternative & home education groups.

I regularly visit groups around England to talk on various subjects, including “Being Prepared”, Natural Health & First Aid, Cooking & Preserving, Organic Gardening, and about solar physics & geomagnetics and their effects on our climate. If you have a topic that you’re interested in, I probably have something to say on the subject, lol.

If you would like to contact me about arranging either a Foraging Walk, or a discussion with your group or community, please feel free to email me at:

dani (at) withourownhands.co.uk

To read more about our foraging walks, and learning about the medicine growing all around you

To read more about my talks, and take a look at the subject I do the most discussions on

Journalist & Researcher

Self proclaimed research-a-holic: government/corporate fraud & corruption, solar physics & geomagnetism, maternal & infant health, …and anything that grows.

Organic Gardener

All things green…and various other colours! I love plants (and fungi!) and I garden all year long, with a focus on permaculture and organic gardening.

Foraging for fun

We live in a garden and everything we need is growing all around us!!  Eat the Weeds!  My prime focus is on healing plants, and learning how to recognize and use them.

Talk show host

I have been hosting and taking part in round table discussions weekly since 2012. I encourage people to be open to all topics, and to get rid of belief systems that limit us.

Aromatherapist & Healer

I have been an aromatherapist for almost 30 years, and have my own organic skincare & supplement company. My focus is always on truly pure & natural ways of healing.

Home educating Mom of 4

I’m a mom with 4 amazing kids between 12-19 years of age, who have all been home educated… and unschooled.  Learning is fun and I love to share the fun!

My main websites

Gaea's Garden Organic Skincare

Gaea's Garden Skincare

Truly Pure and Natural Skincare and supplements. Every product is handcrafted by myself, with the highest attention to quality.


Home of Removing the Shackles and our archives going back to 2011, and all of my public shows.

The time for procrastination is over

 We need to build communities, and bring groups together, to support one another. We need to learn and share our knowledge. We need to go back…. to go forward. We need to rediscover the forgotten knowledge, and find our way into the future.